Development strategy that optimizes your delivery process for high-quality software with the shortest possible delivery time

Software development methodology where the software is built in such a way that it can be released to the end customer at any moment of time. The development team always ensures that the software is in production readiness any time a team member makes a change.

By using blue-green deployment technique, we ensure that deployment to production is simplified to a mere push-button exercise with minimum impact to the end users. We help organizations to be more innovative than their competition and maximize their return on investment by employing a cross-functional team working to deliver small product increments in hours or days.

We can offer consultancy as well as hands-on assistance in helping you implement perfectly fitting continuous delivery flow for your project. Continuous delivery is an automated process that gives you control over your software and infrastructure deployments. With it, you time your releases to meet your business requirements. You're not hampered by slow, often faulty, manual processes.

Continuous delivery needs a collaborative relationship among all of a project's stakeholders. When used for modern, full-stack deployments, such a culture is called DevOps. The open, direct communication advocated by DevOps means that everyone involved, such as developers, operations teams and managers, work together to clearly define the code's purpose and requirements. DevOps also reduces the number of handoffs, which cause delays and wasted effort.Technologically, you need an automated deployment pipeline. You can think of the pipeline as a series of stages, or quality gates, that each run automated tests whenever you make a change to your code. When software passes the tests in one stage, it is promoted to the next stage. Your confidence in the software's functionality and stability increases as the code moves through the pipeline. By the time you reach the final production stage, you know you can safely release your latest feature, improvement or bug fix to the world. Organizations today are under pressure to deliver software and value to the business faster than ever. Companies are bringing development, QA, Operations and release teams together to accelerate the end-to-end flow of features and applications. These globally distributed teams need integrated, scalable, lightweight tooling to be able to hit the ground running and eliminate manual, time-consuming, error-prone activities and handovers.
With continuous delivery, you will:

Deploy software quickly. DevOps and automation greatly increase the speed of your deployments.

Reduce risk. Continuous delivery encourages many small releases rather than infrequent, large releases. Small releases have less chance of going wrong and are easier to fix if there are problems.

Get feedback faster. Because your software is released quickly and frequently, you'll get timely feedback on your changes. Contact us for further insight into how we can help you adopt continuous delivery in your projects.