Del Systems offers you astonishing dashboards and simplified infographics that do the legwork for you

When you use our technology you gain access to incredible functionality, with a live business intelligence dashboard where you can input your data information, whether it’s raw data or from excel and you will receive data visualization with information dashboards.

So you can see a live document with maps, graphs and insights into how your business is performing and where you need to go next.The explosion of big data has made everyone in the business world keenly aware that technology as a strategic tool is a powerful weapon for achieving objectives, and we’ve all seen the developers of business apps achieve fame and fortune for themselves, but how do you determine exactly what is right for your business?

Our business intelligence reporting offers automated analysis and recommendations which is easily disseminated throughout your organization so you know that your strategies are understood by your team and executed exactly as planned.

BI is more than just corporate reporting and more than a set of tools to coax data out of enterprise systems. With today’s BI tools, business folks can jump in and start analyzing data themselves, rather than wait for IT to run complex reports. This democratization of information access helps users back up—with hard numbers—business decisions that would otherwise be based only on gut feelings and anecdotes.Although BI holds great promise, implementations can be dogged by technical and cultural challenges. Executives have to ensure that the data feeding BI applications is clean and consistent so that users trust it. The intensifying business market makes it essential that companies compete using the power of analytical business intelligence services. As markets become increasingly competitive, competitive on the traditional business mix without a deeper understanding of customer wants, business operations and competitive dynamics can become overly expensive, time consuming and lead you in the wrong direction.

As the internet opens up opportunities to organizations from outside of your geographic area, competing price, product attributes, distribution reach or promotional campaigns can be fruitless. Using the Del Systems BI dashboard and business intelligence reporting tools will ensure you understand what you need to about what makes people buy more, how you can produce your product or service more cheaply and deliver the most value to your customers profitably. For many years business intelligence tools have simply thrown data at firms, with little support or service for actually breaking down the information in a way that supports decision making. Data and tools that are wrapped in flashy packing look great and will impress many B2B buyers who know they need to get into analytics somehow, but when it comes to choosing the right business intelligence reporting tools, that offer a real return on investment, with information rich infographics and dashboards.Furthermore, you really only need the data you need to make the decision, anything else is superfluous and a distraction from achieving what you want, smart strategy with strong implementation. Which is why your business needs the functionality of Del Systems technology. With full Easy to start working with full self-functionality that can be implemented instantly the business processes you need, right away. Can be implemented into many of your processes almost instantly. Automatization many processes for businesses in ways that you never thought were possible. This will help your organization save time and subsequently, resources so you will be running lean and and positioned to capture maximum market share.

Del Systems is a trusted visionary and thought leader in the business intelligence software space. We provide businesses with the tools to achieve the perfect positioning within their competitive landscape, achieve the right information into their market’s most attract segments by determining what customers are reachable, targetable, actionable and profitable with live, in-browser data visualization with information rich infographics and dashboards. Whether you want to uncover the right strategic direction for your organization or determine what areas are wasteful for a reposition or pivot, then Del Systems BI services are for you. Future of business intelligence service is a soul of Del Systems mission and vision. Our organisation is passionate about creating the right market tools for delivering analytical, data supported decision making to push your business’s strategies to achieve their maximum value in the market. The Del Systems business intelligence software is not only an incredibly interesting and fun tool that will make your business analytics easier but the simple to use and understand infographics with information rich dashboards will make your decisions more powerful than ever thought possible. All from within your internet browser, your whole team will benefit from the power the best business intelligence reporting services on the market, contact Del Systems team of marketing engineers now to find a business solution tailored to your organization’s needs today!

Our Services

Rich Data Analysis:

Del Systems provides comprehensive data analysis to extract real business value from your data. We offer rich BI services based on Del Systems strong scientific background. Our company works closely with leading research institutions focused on data modelling, statistics and computer science.

Advanced Report Building:

We offer rich reporting services starting from building reports based on your business applications (CRM, ERP, ect.) to delivering complete reporting solutions from scratch. Del Systems helps its Customers receive relevant business reports just on time.

BI Infrastructure Deployment Configuration and Support:

As a subject-matter expert, Del Systems is ready to provide a base for your Business Intelligence by creating and configuring effective BI infrastructure. We offer high-grade infrastructure services from hardware consulting and selling software licenses to data warehouse creation.


With the growth in the amount of data being collected by today’s business, it is important for them to transform this data into useful information. Business intelligence allows organizations to make the most of this data to help improve business processes, operation and drive strategic goals. Analysts are able to take charge of this data through self-service business intelligence and analytics to gain the timely insights needed in the decision making process.

Del Systems delivers data blending and advanced analytics in a simple drag and drop workflow that allows analysts to:

*Blend, prepare, and transform internal, 3rd party, and cloud data

*Use simple tools for spatial and predictive analytics

*Automatic analytic results into reports, analytic apps, or visualization tools