We advance your IT infrastructure to serve as a strong system that interacts with your employees and clients


Even if you don’t want security audits, it’s a necessary step for your company to reach it’s full potential. We organize an audit of your IT infrastructure based on your specific needs and provide you with a maximum budget you’ll need so there’s no future surprises. Technology needs for the next one, or more years so concerns regarding licensing, workstations and servers don't catch you off guard when they need to be upgraded, replaced or expanded. One of our services is risk-based IT auditing and allows IT processes, assets, projects, and other audit entities to be selected to define the scope of the audit based on the risk assessments. Additionally, we’ll take care about the whole administration of IT infrastructure. Centralizing and securing your data, configure the rules, roll-out the software and manage your email service.


This service is designed to provide an independent report of findings and recommendations that helps administrators optimize the configuration of their applications. Our Application Review service provides an independent health check for your software applications. It brings together our technical experience and your business process needs, resulting in recommendations that optimize the efficiency of models and allow clients to adopt best practices.


This consists of step-by-step description of what one or more business users do to accomplish a specific goal. Analysis we do is primarily intended for use by business end users looking to document, analyze and improve productivity, increase quality, and become more effective.

These tools also support the roles of business process analyst, and enable them to better understand business processes. The idea is to create specifications to promote understanding, validate this information using standard methodologies and best practices enabled by the software.


Your enterprise needs to build a comprehensive Cloud migration strategy and develop a clear Cloud Roadmap, to extract the best out of the cloud. Our Cloud Advisory Services enable you to analyze and understand how your business applications are hosted in the current environment and carry out an in-depth analysis of your applications amenability towards Cloud. Also, assesses the Cloud readiness of your applications, and develops the right Cloud roadmap and Cloud strategy for your enterprise. Modernizing and migrating your applications to the Public Cloud allows your enterprise to become agile, scalable, and flexible.


This involves the coordination of people, processes, tools and technology, data, and governance across suppliers (including cloud service providers) to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to the business and the end-user.

You can maximise your business value through predictable and innovative delivery to end-to-end services with strong collaboration. Organizations can overcome it’s problems with ensuring it’s consistent service quality and deliver beyond promised outcomes to the business.

With us you’ll get advisory, implementation and automation services.


Prototyping is a development approach used to improve planning and execution of software projects by developing executable software systems (prototypes). It is very suitable for gaining experience in new application areas and for supporting incremental or evolutionary software development. Del Systems teams are experienced in helping customers endorse their business ideas before turning them into complex products or solutions. We have the expertise, the methodologies and the tools needed to create prototypes and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) fast by creating clickable wireframes and mockups, UX optimized, for web, mobile and enterprise applications.